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HÜBERS is one of the world's leading suppliers of machines and systems for resin casting and impregnation of electrical components.

About us

HÜBERS is one of the world's leading suppliers of machines and systems for resin casting and impregnation of electrical components.

The scope of HÜBERS’ technologies comprises all process steps such as material compounding and preparation, mixing and metering, casting, molding and curing.

The scope of system sizes ranges from laboratory-scale to fully automatic systems for high volume production with programmable logic controls and online quality assurance.

HÜBERS is the customers’ active partner from process development to the start of operation and beyond: The staff at HÜBERS’ remains at the customers’ service also in the day-to-day-operation of the systems, e.g. by means of the 24/7-operated service-hotline.

HÜBERS Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau GmbH
Schlavenhorst 39
46395 Bocholt

Phone: +49 2871 2810
Internet: www.huebers.de

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Petro Kats
Sales Engineer
Phone: +49 2871 2811203

Products and Services

HÜBERS is one of the world’s leading system engineering companies for the production of resin castings and impregnation of technical components.

Our scope of technologies for the processing of epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins as well as silicones comprises

  • Material preparation and formulation

  • Mixing, metering, and compounding

  • Vacuum-infusion

  • Casting under vacuum/atmosphere

  • Injection and Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)

  • Impregnation under pressure/vacuum
Systems for Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)

Forming Technology for Electrical Parts via Direct Injection into the mold: The APG-process by HÜBERS permits short cycle times thanks to rapid gelation and demoulding with automatic opening and closing of the mould. During the gelling process, fresh material is supplied continuously to the mould under pressure in order to prevent cracks and voids and to compensate for the shrinkage of the material. The mould is held together by the clamping machine.

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Casting Systems for Electric Parts

Systems for resin casting of parts like transformers or electric motors with epoxy resins or polyurethanes. The Systems comprise the entire casting process: Preparation of the material components resin and hardener (conveying, formulation, homogenization, degassing), production of the reactive mix and casting of the parts under vacuum/atmosphere. Any resin system can be processed, including fillers, and also with strongly disproportional mixing ratios.

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Silicone Processing Systems with Silicone Vacuum Treatment – SVT

The Silicone Vacuum Treatment SVT developed by HÜBERS ensures that the components are absolutely free of voids and cavities. Due to the thorough degassing of the material components, bubbles are already prevented during material processing. The filling of the mold and the subsequent vulcanisation of the material is carried out under low pressure. The clamping forces required are much lower.

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