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SZM is specialized in the modernization of old LV + MV switchgear across the world, the production of new SF6-free compact switchgear, and the maintenance of old circuit breakers.

About us

SZM (Schaltanlagen Zubehör Bad Muskau) is specialized in the modernization (Retrofit) of old switchgear in the LV and MV sector across the world.

With more than 250 different retrofit solutions, in which the old switchgear is upgraded to modern switchgear, SZM helps customers around the world to save both time and money, conserve resources, and increase the reliability, safety, and service life of their power distribution infrastructure.

In addition, SZM develops and manufactures various switchgear components such as vacuum circuit-breakers (up to 40.5 kV), switch-disconnectors and drives for disconnectors and earthing switches, and offers service packages for MV switchgear, power stations and transformers.

One of the SZM's unique specialities is the repair and maintenance of all circuit breakers from the former Bad Muskau switchgear plant, i.e. the SCI1 to SCI4, SCIF, VCI, VAI, NVL and VL1 product ranges as well as switchgear from ABB, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

SZM (SchaltanlagenZubehör Bad Muskau GmbH)
Heideweg 2
02953 Bad Muskau

Phone: +49 357 7158300

Contact person

Maik Domel
Phone: +49 35771 58300

Products and Services

  • Retrofit solutions for old medium-voltage switchgear
  • Engineering of new upgrading solutions for MV switchgear
  • Production and maintenance of circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors (i.e. C3)
  • Manufacture of SF6-free compact switchgear (suitable for containers)
  • Delivery and installation of substations
  • Manufacture of motor drives (i.e. MD5) and manual drives
Retrofit Solution for old switch device SCI4

SZM can modernize old MV switchgear containing the circuit breaker SCI4. We have developed a solution that uses medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers VD4. Such solution has been successfully built in various industries all over the world. It brings the old system up to the state of the art and gives it a significantly extended service life and operating life. In addition, such a retrofit avoids time-consuming planning and conversion work compared with the installation of a new system.

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Air-insulated switchgear SAM

The SAM switchgear from SZM is an SF6-free MV switchgear and environmentally friendly with reliable vacuum switching technology. The modern air-insulated indoor switchgear is sustainable, efficient, safe and above all very compact. With a cubicle depth of only 800 mm, it is approx. 20 %, i.e. one fifth, shorter than other air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear and is therefore particularly suitable for use in confined spaces (e.g. in containers).

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ABB's type C3 switch-disconnector

ABB's type C3 switch-disconnector is a proven multi-purpose switch-disconnector. Formerly manufactured by the ABB subsidiary Calor Emag, production continues. SZM is the only company in the world that produces the C3 switch-disconnector under licence of ABB. The C3 is valued primarily for its robustness and compactness. It can be installed in narrow switchgear panels and in switchgear for which a limited space is available (e.g. in containers).

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News & Innovations

Aging Switchgear: Retrofit vs. Replacement

Aging equipment requires more maintenance. Spare parts are difficult to obtain, and repair is often time-consuming and costly. Once you have examined the current state of your switchgear, the decision to continue to repair or replace the whole system enters the pictures. Is this all you have to decide on?

Indeed, there is a third option: upgrade aging switchgear. In most cases, there’s no need to remove all the equipment. Switchgear modernization solutions – called Retrofits – are the better and more economic choice, as they utilize the structure and footprint of the existing line-up and upgrade the active components with current technology circuit breakers.

This allows older installations to be modernised at low cost and brought up to the current state of the art. Retrofitting usually only replaces the circuit-breaker, i.e. the core component of the installation, its "heart" so to speak. The old is replaced by a circuit-breaker of the latest generation from well-known manufactures, such as AEG, Alstom, Siemens, etc. This is adapted to the busbar system of the switchgear simply by plug-and-play, without any complex conversion measures.

The advantages of a Retrofit are obvious:

  • Short realisation time
  • Reduced planning effort, no approval procedures
  • Low investment costs
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Minimal downtime
  • No training required, as the switchgear is well known
  • Reduced environmental impact, due to fewer discarded materials
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